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SXSW Interactive Tradeshow

We went to the Interactive Tradeshow today to check out what was on display and to see if anything was interesting. It was good timing too, because we got there right at the start of the Block Party, aka free food and drinks. What a great draw to an otherwise boring Tradeshow, too. The booths that shelled out the extra dough for food and drink enjoyed more engaged and larger crowds by far.

The swag was smart too. With everyone carrying around cold drinks, the booths that offered free drink-cozies were well-trafficked as well:


Cow and me

Other booths used music, giveaways and dressed up characters to attract attention:


One of the coolest displays we saw was Pixton, an easy to use comic strip creation online app. Check out their pitch and how they sell and demonstrate the product:

Main takeaways from tradeshow:

  • Have freebies, ideally food and beer, in order to attract attention.
  • If you’re at an interactive conference, make your booth interactive. Everyone likes to play with fun technology.
  • Have a flawless demonstration that is engaging and enthusiastic.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously…

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