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The lonely PC

I thought having a PC made me an outcast while surrounded by the multitude of Macs in Allen Hall, but that was nothing compared to my experiences at SXSW. Wearing a jean skirt and bright red cowboy boots would have been less embarrassing than lugging around an oversized PC at one of the largest interactive conferences in the world.

The dirty looks and snide remarks of the iCult forced me into isolated corners of the convention center and bathroom stalls to check my e-mail. It didn’t help that my batter life only lasts for a bout 30 seconds, so I’ve constantly been sharing power strips with brand new Macbook Pro’s and Air’s 1/8 the size of my Toshiba. Mom and dad, if you’re reading this: how bout a Mac for graduation?

I’m a PC, and I’m humiliated.

P.S. When I just tried to post this my Internet wouldn’t work, so I had to use Alex’s Mac. FML


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