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Making creativity actionable

One of the speakers I was looking forward to the most was Scott Belsky, of Behance. When working on another project and soaking in how people foster ideas, become ‘creative’, and be inspired, I stumbled upon Belsky’s work. His company doesn’t claim to care about inspiration or where ideas come from. Instead, they only care about making these ideas happen.

He calls this method for making ideas happen the Action Method. Watch him explain it here:

In a makeup that resembles most agencies, Belsky asserted that there were three main members of creative groups currently: doers, dreamers, and incrementalists. The doers and dreamers are typically paired together, while the incrementalists are the ones who can do it all, and the ones sought after. Unfortunately, they don’t have much focus.

Belsky also had something interesting to say about periodical meetings… something we have all been guilty of scheduling:

Other quick ideas on productive creativity included:

  • Seek cross-pollination, push your comfort zone
  • Don’t become burdened  by consensus
  • Get respect for your strengths
  • Make sure that leaders always talk last, don’t kill ideas before they can be said
  • Seek restraints on projects where there are none
  • Hire for initiative and value chemistry over the people themselves
  • And finally, share ideas liberally:


These lessons will certainly be embellished later, but as a parting thought, “Nothing extraordinary is ever achieved through ordinary means”.


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