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More mindmaps

Tuesday’s keynote interview of Chris Anderson, conducted by Guy Kawasaki, featured two artists on opposite sides of the stage drawing mindmaps during the conversation.

The talk focused on the future of “free” commodities and services in a digital landscape. Here are the finished products:


Again, check the Flickr stream to the right for closeups.


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Instant mindmaps

During each day’s keynote interview, an artist standing at the foot of the stage draws a graphic representation of the conversation. The way these mindmaps are drawn is one of the most amazing things to witness live. This instantaneous development of creative content from everyday communication is inspiring.

Here’s the mindmap from Nate Silver’s discussion of statistical analysis:

And this is the mindmap created during James Powderly’s conversation about political activism and urban graffiti.

For closeups and more images check out the Flickr stream to the right.


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