Tyler Kirsch and Alex Kniess arrive in Texas!

The purpose of DucksXSW is to document the experiences of two University of Oregon seniors trying to find themselves at the 15th annual SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX.

They find themselves in Texas for the first time in their lives in pursuit of their passions for advertising, new media, technology and the insatiable thirst for new experiences and learnings. It has all been made possible by an incredibly generous scholarship from Scott Bedbury, owner and founder of Brandstream.

Bedbury, himself an Oregon native, is a member of the School’s Hall of Achievement as well as the American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Achievement. Perhaps best known for helping to put both Starbucks Coffee and Nike on the map, he established Brandstream, a global brand development company, in Seattle in 1998. His book,A New Brand World: 8 Principles for Achieving Brand Leadership in the 21st Century, published by Viking Press in 2002, further established him as a brand-building genius.  The UO named him Outstanding Young Alumnus in 1997.

Tyler Kirsch is a senior Creative Advertising major in the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon. After changing his major 5 times he found a passion for the world of advertising that has guided the course of his collegiate studies and life experiences. He is currently a co-director of Allen Hall Advertising, a student-run agency based in the School of Journalism and Communication. Last year he served as the co-director of a brand new account with Oregon’s Department of Sustainability, aiming to build a sustainable campus culture. Currently he serves as co-director of Talk, a campus initiative to foster diversity through shared experiences, and developing a thesis detailing how digital culture is changing the way communities interact.

Alex Kniess is currently a senior Business Administration major and Communication Studies minor at the University of Oregon. Summer reality stints have included BBH NY new-business intern and Portland, Oregon’s Ziba Design client-relations intern. He currently contributes to Advertising Age’s GenNext blog and serves as co-director of Allen Hall Advertising. Last year, he served as the brand manager for the agency’s largest account, the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship’s NVC, one of the world’s top international business-plan competitions.

We invite you to join these two native Oregonian’s as they take this year’s festival and the wonderful city of Austin by storm.


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  1. Jenna Winkler

    You two are incredible. Keep up the good work, you never seize to amaze me.

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